Years '60s - '70s

In 1958 Walfrido Chiarini, professional photographer, founds Fotocronache Olympia in Milan. The agency sells features on facts and Italian personalities, made by its staff or freelance photographers. Fotocronache Olympia imposes immediately on the Italian publishing market.

Years '80s

From sport images, Fotocronache Olympia increases its bid passing successfully to the image production of current affairs, economics, politics, sports, gossip, entertainment, as well as portraits of famous people.

Thanks to agreements with the largest international photo agencies Olympia expands its offering by distributing features and international news content on the Italian market.

Years '90s

In 1991 the agreement with Reuters is the first step to provide complete coverage of news and events images from around the world.

Olycom inaugurates the Creative division thus enters in the advertising market by launching the marketing of International stock collections suited to the world of graphic communication.

The helm of the company passes into the hands of his son
Fabrizio Chiarini.

In 1997 Olycom acquires Publifoto: true heritage of vintage images, historical documentation of the events occurred in Italy since the beginning of the twentieth century until the early sixties.

Since 2000

In Italy Olycom is a pioneer of digital and among the first to undertake the distribution of digital images online.
In 2003, more than half a million images are available on the Web in high resolution.

In 2003 Olycom acquired Franca Speranza: agency, known throughout the world for the refinement of the images of Interior and design, food, beauty, travel, reportage, always inspired by the elegance and bien vivre.

Group Olycom borns in order to manage the different acquired brands more functionally: Olympia, Publifoto and Franca Speranza are integrated maintaining and developing the unique specific identities.

Today Olycom has 30 million images online. Olycom manages a daily flow between 15,000 and 20,000 incoming images of which 2,000 are loaded on the web.

Olycom is attentive to all the changes taking place in the world of communication and directs its images as well on traditional industries as on new media.

With its new editorial section characterised by specialized and sought image content, Olycom enters the new decade with confidence, ready to face the big changes taking place in the publishing world.